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Sowerby Urban Event Forum

February 10, 2016

Sowerby Bridge Urban Event Sunday 7th February 2016

Part of the YHOA Urban League.


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Comment by Anthony Greenwood of EPOC.
Submitted at 16:42 on Wednesday 10-Feb-2016.

SUBJECT:   The End
Thanks for your comments. This forum now closed.
Comment by Anthony Greenwood of EPOC.
Submitted at 08:43 on Tuesday 9-Feb-2016.

SUBJECT:   Results
Peter. Thanks for your comment. You are now DSQ!
Comment by Henry Marston of SYO.
Submitted at 17:51 on Monday 8-Feb-2016.

SUBJECT:   Route choice option?
An interesting course, plenty of hills, and need to keep concentration up to avoid running past a control...
On the day I thought I had spotted an interesting route choice, from the northern canal on the west along the towpath on the south side, through a tunnel under the main road to a small canal basin.  I was put of on the day because the tunnel was not depicted on the map, but now realise it wouldn't have worked as there was no access to the towpath - avoided some climb by going through the Lidl car park.
Thanks for putting the event on.
Comment by Peter Haines of Airienteers.
Submitted at 18:53 on Sunday 7-Feb-2016.

SUBJECT:   Course 3
I enjoyed the course and thanks to everyone concerned.
However, I note you have re-instated me even though I punched the finish control instead of number 3. My wife is most dischuffed as it's the first time she has beaten me (!), so although you are perhaps being kind to an old man, I think the rules in this instance should be strictly applied and you should DSQ me for not visiting all the controls. Maybe after 46 years I should remember to check all the codes?
Comment by Anthony Greenwood of EPOC.
Submitted at 18:01 on Sunday 7-Feb-2016.

SUBJECT:   Courses
On my way out from doing results, I picked up a few spare maps to study at home. The courses look really interesting. I used to be a wizard against Ivor on the old street maps of the area, but somehow these new style maps add a new tricky dimension to the orienteering (steps?) which I now find quite hard to solve. Maybe it is easier when you are actually doing it?
Comment by Anthony Greenwood of EPOC.
Submitted at 17:29 on Sunday 7-Feb-2016.

SUBJECT:   Forum
Please let us all know how you enjoyed our event! Or not.

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